Commercial Embroidery Machine

The SPRINT 8 is the newest and probably the most extraordinary model of the popular single-head embroidery machine series. Compared to the popular SPRINT 7, the new SPRINT 8 has many standard improvements and changes that make it the best choice for a single-head embroidery machine for use in production environments with quickly and frequently changing embroidery designs.

Sprint 7 - Commercial Embroidery Machine


  • Reinforced steel frame
  • Longer take-up lever
  • Extra strong springs
  • Reduced noise level in operation
  • New quick-change system
  • Quick Color Change System
  • Improved thread tension

18 needles and colors

18 needles allow efficiency, a new level of creativity and perfection. The engineering of the 18 needle head provides the highest embroidery stitch quality. Having 18 needles drastically reduces down times and preparation times for new jobs.

3D embroidery

A reinforced chassis, extra strong springs and modified levers for perfect thread transport are just some of the components that enable perfect embroidery quality and heights of up to 8 mm in 3D embroidery.


The SPRINT 8’s new Quick Change System enables quick and easy change between different applications such as cap, tubular applications or border frame.

Application variety

The SPRINT 8 comes with the slimmest tubular arm in the industry. Combined with ZSK’s shirt pocket and shoe frames it opens new fields of application.


ZSK embroidery machines functionally support networking in your company and can thus be optimally integrated into your workflow solution.

New take-up lever

The machine is equipped with our new extended thread take-up lever which uses a higher amount of thread in the embroidery process. The benefit is a softer appearance in the embroidery pattern.

Improved thread tension

The clamping of the thread tension has an enlarged friction surface, which ensures a buttery smooth passage of the thread. The eyelets of the tension bar are aligned for an optimal thread run.

Quick colour change

Save yourself the trouble of sorting colours into needles for the optimal, time-saving colour change. ZSK colour change is a standard feature of SPRINT 8.

Reduced noise level

Small changes to the mechanics have a big impact: The noise level of SPRINT 8 during operation is considerably lower compared to other embroidery machines.

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