Roll2Roll Strap Device 2.0

The Roll2Roll Strap Device 2.0 is built specifically for the Racer series of ZSK embroidery machines. It allows for semi or fully-automatic embroidery on belts, tapes and many other textile rolls. It can handle up to two different types of material at one time, such as cloth and felt. The embroidered roll is then automatically rolled up at the front of the machine.

An optical sensor is also available for the Roll2Roll. This can detect specific markings on the carrier tape, ensuring accurate positioning of the embroidery area.

There are two options when fixing the material to be embroidered.

  1. Clamping: The maximum material width is 220 mm, where 170 mm can be embroidered.
  2. Guiding: The maximum material width is 190 mm, where 160 mm can be embroidered.

Features of the Roll2Roll System:

  • Embroidery device for partially or fully automatic embroidery of rolls.
  • Compatible with ZSK Racer series (table top) embroidery machines; RACER 1W, RACER 2W, RACER 4W, RACER 6W.
  • Pneumatic clamping system.
  • An automatic pull-through system from roll to roll.
  • Thrust for up to two materials.
  • Automatic bobbin case changer.
  • Automatic positioning of the embroidery area in the X and Y axis.

Roll2Roll Suits Products like these:

  • Mattress straps
  • Office curtains
  • Borders and ribbons
  • Emblems and badges
  • Applicators and patches