Commercial Embroidery Machine

The Challenger is the big boy of the ZSK range. With a choice of 10 to 15 heads this embroidery machine is suitable for mass production and continuous operation. The Challenger is particularly suitable for high quantity orders and manufactured products such as; consumer textiles, lingerie, flags and badges.

The Challenger has specially developed vibration dampers, ensuring low noise and minimum vibration even at full speed. High speed and a large embroidery field mean maximum productivity. Driven by powerful servomotors and controlled by the latest in embroidery electronics, this machine is built to turn jobs around in a flash.

The Challenger for max production - Commercial Embroidery Machine
The Challenger for max production - Commercial Embroidery Machine

Key benefits of the Challenger series of commercial embroidery machines.

  • Embroidery speed 1,100 stitches/min.

  • Height-adjustable fabric presser.

  • Choice of 10, 12 and 15 heads.

  • Automatic reverse embroidery function.

  • Adjustable low vibration frame.

  • Built and designed for 24/7 production.

  • Automatic head selection.

  • Up to 12 needles/colors.

  • Automatic thread cutter.

  • Upper and lower thread guard.

  • T8 control unit.

  • Accepts all common industrial embroidery codes.

  • Storage for 80 million stitches.

  • Latest generation in servo motors.

  • Automatic error analysis.

Latest Technology. 

A key feature of the Challenger Series is the use of servo motors instead of stepper motors. These offer constant torque, increased speed and efficiency, along with being quieter with smoother motion, reducing vibration.

The Challenger is also equipped with LED lighting, leading to energy savings of approx. 750kWh, based on 24/5 operation, 50 weeks a year.

Quick Colour Change.

The new Challenger series have a reduced the colour change time by up to 75%.

It’s equipped with a quick catcher motor that improves the speed of the first and last stitches prior to and after a colour change.

Easier Operation.

Challenger machines with an embroidery field of 1000mm or more are fitted with 600mm table cuts. This gives the operator easier access to the embroidery head.

Support rods below the table plates have also been improved to allow more space for quicker bobbin changes.

Technical Data: Challenger series  – Commercial Embroidery Machine.

Machine Heads Colours Embroidery Field Width Border Frame Width
CSGF 0112 – 1300 1 12 1300mm 1300mm
CMCF 1012 – 400 10 12 400mm 4000mm
CL BF 1012 – 480 10 12 480mm 4800mm
CL BF 1212 – 400 12 12 400mm 4800mm
CXCF 1212 – 480 12 12 480mm 5760mm
CXCF 1509 – 400 15 9 400mm 6000mm
CXCF 1512 – 400 15 12 400mm 6000mm
CYCF 1012 – 600 D 10 12 600mm 6000mm
CYCF 3606 – 200 D 36 6 200mm 7200mm
CYGF 1209 – 600 D 12 9 600mm 7200mm
CY HF 2409 – 330 D 24 9 330mm 7920mm

Product Gallery:  Challenger series – Commercial Embroidery Machines