ZSK embroidery machines can be used in 3 different modes – flat, tubular, or cap.

  • Flat Mode: The flat mode is normally used for unfinished goods & fabrics such as patches and emblems. The flat mode allows for large format embroidery designs to be stitched. The design can be divided into multiple segments, with each head having the ability to sew a different part of the design. This allows for the design to span the full length of the embroidery field.
  • Tubular Mode: The tubular mode is commonly used when embroidering on finished goods (ie: shirts). But, beyond the typical textiles, ZSK’s robust all-metal build style offers several solutions that allow for stitching on finished goods such as athletic shoes, heavy luggage/bags, and more.
  • Cap Mode: The cap mode on a ZSK not only includes stitching 270 degrees on a cap but also adds unique opportunities with the newest frame developments. The pocket frame also fits directly onto the cap driver allowing new & interesting placements besides pockets.

There is an extensive range of options and attachments available for all the ZSK range of commercial embroidery machines: