Bobbin Changer

The ZSK bobbin changer minimises downtime and maximizes efficiency, it’s compatible with our range of flat embroidery machines. Any increase in productivity always adds to the bottom line. Increase productivity by up to 15% by eliminating downtime changing the lower thread bobbins.

The automatic bobbin changer only needs 20 seconds to replace the bobbin, so the machine stands still for the minimum amount of time compared to a manual change. Net production time on a machine can be increased by up to two hours a day. Over a year, running 24/7, that’s 700+ additional production hours, improving your bottom line.

The magazine holds eight bobbin cases and can be used on both the F and W head. The software on the T8-2 can also automatically change the bobbin every 30,000 stitches. The bobbin changer is available in three versions; 1:1 changer, standard version and Auto Select bobbin changer. The Auto Select bobbin changer knows the position of the magazine and ao can automatically select the correct bobbin for the thread or yarn type.

The bobbin case changer can be installed on all ZSK flatbed machines.