The Roll2basket belt tape device allows for Semi and Fully-automatic embroidery production from textile rolls. It allows embroidery on belts and tapes 10 mm to 150 mm. The device can be fitted to all Sprint and Racer series embroidery machines.

An optical sensor is also available for the Roll2Basket device. This detects specific markings on the carrier tape, ensuring accurate positioning of the embroidery field depth (Y-axis) takes place.

The standard version of the Roll2Basket collects the finished product in a container/basket. An automatic roll-up unit is also available to automatically spool the finished tape. Finished rolls of up to 400 mm in diameter can be produced with a maximum material thickness of 5 mm.

Features of the Roll2Basket:

  • Fully-automatic embroidery of textile ribbons
  • Compatible with Sprint and Racer embroidery machines, with table top
  • Automatic clamping device
  • Automatic positioning of the embroidery area in Y-axis by an optical sensor (optional)
  • Product pick-up, via container (Basket, standard) or by automatic reel unit (optional).

Roll2Basket suits products like:

  • Textile control tapes
  • Name tags
  • Care labels
  • Brand labels
  • Semi-finished products for the clothing industry
  • Borders
  • Individualized leather bands