Mighty Hoop® & Hoop Master®

Mighty Hoop® & Hoop Master® is the perfect solution for safe and precise clamping of textiles. The combination of the magnetic frame and clamping aid dramatically improves the process of fixing garments in preparation for embroidery. Compared the common clamping system Mighty Hoop® & Hoop Master® reduces the time required aligning and smoothing the embroidery area.  

The HoopMaster® makes it easy to position the textile and holds the two parts of the MightyHoop magnetic frame. This ensures the textile is located exactly in the correct position every time. These simple to use devices, reduce preparation time, increase productivity and improve the quality of your work.

Advantages of the Mighty Hoop® – frames

  • No need to adjust the frame to different thicknesses.
  • You save time and increase the productivity and quality of your work.
  • No stress for your arms and hands, the magnetic parts tighten themselves
  • Buttons, zippers and other appliqués can be clamped, too.
  • No clamping marks or traces on sensitive fabrics.

Mighty Hoop® & Hoop Master® make framing textiles secure, precise and effortless.

Mighty Hoop® and Hoop Master® can be used on all our ZSK embroidery machines. Mighty Hoop® products are also available for other embroidery machines.