Commercial Embroidery Machine

The Sprint 7 series is equipped with 18 needles and servo drive systems accommodating more complex embroidery. This makes the Sprint 7 embroidery machines more efficient with longer stitch lengths, whilst maintaining the same range of options and accessories as the Sprint 6 series. Released in 2018, the Sprint 7, Sprint 7 L, and Sprint 7 XL are the flagship Sprint series models.

With a wide range of options, it’s a great choice for any size embroidery shop, fashion designer or speciality shop.

Sprint 7 - Commercial Embroidery Machine


The Sprint 7 is a flexible, 18-needle, class 4 style (bridge style) single head embroidery machine. The 18 needles and servo drive system allows for longer stitch lengths and more complex embroidery options. The Sprint 7 has an embroidery field of 460 x310 mm.

The Sprint 7 series offers the versatility and performance of larger commercial machines, with a compact footprint.

Sprint 7 L - Commercial Embroidery Machine


Along with cap and flatbed embroidery, the suspended drive system of the Sprint 7 L has the ability to embroider bulky objects, like suitcases. It also has a larger embroidery field of 600 x 400 mm, compared the Sprint 7 model.

The Sprint 7 L has a wide range of attachments so you can embroider just about anything, form caps and shoes, to handbags and luggage.

Sprint 7 XL - Commercial Embroidery Machine


The Sprint 7 XL offers a wider embroidery field 1400 x 400. The larger platform on the Sprint 7 XL allows for extra-wide embroidery work. This additional flexibility is particulaly useful when embroidering larger products such as; flags, banners and towels.

Expand the range of what you can embroider with the larger platform of the Sprint 7 XL.

Flat embroidery

A wide array of flat embroidery frames are available to meet any client requirement or need.

Cap Frame

The cap extension makes custom embroidering of an individual or short run caps a breeze.


The shoe frame lets you easily personalise any shoe with a name, favourite team, player or brand.

Stencil Frame

Create name tags with ease and efficiency using stencil frames, available in many layouts and sizes.

Shirt Pocket Frame

Logo on a shirt pocket? Probably the most common embroidery job. This pocket frame makes it simple.

Trousers Frame

Easily add fashionable accents, logos or monograms to trousers, jeans, dresses and shorts.

Flat embroidery

Magnetic frames in a wide range of sizes can be used to embroider anything from clothing to cuddly toys.


Use the cylinder frame to embroider round closed parts, such as; jacket sleeves, socks and gloves.

Sequin Device

Embroider sequins or rhinestones in a variety of sizes with precision and speed at 1,000 stitches per minute.

Pearl Device

Explore the possibilities with the new ability to add pearl embroidery to your design!

Cording Device

Add cording with the ability to handle various different thicknesses and structures.

Boring Device

A stitch tool that bores a hole in the fabric. The needle opens the hole and embroiders around it.

Technical Data: ZSK SPRINT  7 – Commercial Embroidery Machines

Machine Sprint 7 Sprint 7 L Sprint 7 XL
Heads 1 1 1
Needles 18 18 18
Pantograph travel max. mm 440 600 1400
Max. Stitches Tubular / Flat 1200 1200 1000
Max. Stitches Cap 1000 1000 1000
Embroidery Field Width max. mm 460 600 1400
Border Frame max. mm [WxD] 460 x 310 600 x 400 1400 x 400
Tubular Frame max. mm [WxD] 400 x 300
Cap 360 max. mm [WxD] 360 x 70 360 x 70 360 x 70
Shoes max. mm [WxD] 124 x 175 124 x 175 124 x 175
Machine Width mm 1260 1410 2925
Machine Depth mm 985 1220 1220
Machine Height mm 930 1640 1640
Power Supply [V] 230 230 230

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