Commercial Embroidery Machine

The Racer series of embroidery machines are the workhorse of the ZSK range. Designed for medium to large embroidery services. The Racer series offers speed and efficiency and is built for 24/7 operation.

The Racer can be configured to suit your specific production requirements and can be configured with 1 to 8 heads. With the option of either 12, 18 or 24 needle heads, you can build a machine to meet your exact needs.

Key benefits of the Racer series of commercial embroidery machines.

  • The option of 1, 2, 4, 6 and 8 heads.

  • Smallest tubular arm in industrial embroidery.

  • Upper and lower thread guard.

  • Automatic back stitch function.

  • Height-adjustable presser foot.

  • 12, 18 or 24 needle heads.

  • Embroidery speed 1,000 stitches/min.

  • Automatic thread trimmer.

  • Low noise and vibration.

  • T8 control unit.

  • Integrated design editor.

  • Accepts all common industrial embroidery codes.

  • Storage for approx. 80 million stitches.

  • Automatic error analysis.

  • Built for 24/7 production.

  • Made in Germany.



Multi-head machinery for an entry-level budget. Available with either 4 or 6 embroidery heads, the new Racer Classic series offers multi-head embroidery machines with the same precision and engineering guaranteed by ZSK at a budget price.

Racer 1 - Commercial Embroidery Machine


The ZSK Racer series is one of the worlds most versatile commercial embroidery machines. It can be configured with 12 or 24 needle head and can embroider shirts & other finished goods (tubular mode), along with caps and flat textiles, like patches and emblems.

The range of options, accessories and overall durability of this machine makes it one of the most popular production units on the market.

Your ZSK Racer unit can be custom specified to have 1-8 heads of either 12, 18 or 24 needles, making sure it meets your needs and budget.

Racer 1 XL - Commercial Embroidery Machine


The Racer XL series offers all the features and reliability of the standard Racer with the additional benefit of a much wider embroidery field. The 700 x 700mm embroidery field combined with a 24 needle head makes larger format embroidery a breeze.

The XL range is a good starting point for small businesses and speciality shops, which can then move to a 2 to 8 Racer embroidery machine as the business grows.

Racer 02-18 - Commercial Embroidery Machine

RACER 02-18

Launched in 2018, the Racer 02-18 is a unique two-head machine with 9 needles on each head. The means one head has double the travel, giving an extended embroidery field. The additional functionality of a 550 x 500mm and 1100 x 500 embroidery field allows for greater flexibility and capacity to handle larger and more complex jobs.

Racer 6 S - Commercial Embroidery Machine

RACER 2,4,6 or 8 head.

The ability to be fitted with up to 8 heads makes the Racer series a real standout in commercial embroidery. Increase your production capacity with minimal outlay. Running 24/7 is no problem for these space-efficient legends. With the smallest tubular arm in the industry and countless accessories and options, this unit will grow your business.

Stencil Frame

Create name tags with ease and efficiency using stencil frames, available in many layouts and sizes.

Shirt Pocket Frame

Logo on a shirt pocket? Probably the most common embroidery job. This pocket frame makes it simple.

Trousers Frame

Easily add fashionable accents, logos or monograms to trousers, jeans, dresses and shorts.

Flat embroidery

A wide array of flat embroidery frames are available to meet any client requirement or need.

Cap Frame

The cap extension makes custom embroidering of an individual or short run caps a breeze.


The shoe frame lets you easily personalise any shoe with a name, favourite team, player or brand.

Flat embroidery

Magnetic frames in a wide range of sizes can be used to embroider anything from clothing to cuddly toys.


Use the cylinder frame to embroider round closed parts, such as; jacket sleeves, socks and gloves.

Sequin Device

Embroider sequins or rhinestones in a variety of sizes with precision and speed at 1,000 stitches per minute.

Pearl Device

Explore the possibilities with the new ability to add pearl embroidery to your design!

Cording Device

Add cording with the ability to handle various different thicknesses and structures.

Boring Device

A stitch tool that bores a hole in the fabric. The needle opens the hole and embroiders around it.

Technical Data: ZSK RACER Series – Commercial Embroidery Machines


Machine Heads Needles Embroidery Field (mm) Tubular (mm) Cap (mm)
Racer Classic 4S 4 12 400 x 500 405 x 300 70 x 360
Racer Classic 6S 6 12 400 x 500 405 x 300 70 x 360
Racer 1W 1 12 500 x 500 405 x 395 70 x 360
Racer 1WL 1 12 500 x 700 405 x 395 70 x 360
Racer 1XL 1 24 700 x 700 405 x 395 70 x 360
Racer 2W 2 12 495 x 500 405 x 395 70 x 360
Racer 2WL 2 12 495 x 700 405 x 395 70 x 360
Racer 2XL 2 24 700 x 700 n/a n/a
Racer 0218 D 2 18 550 x 1100 n/a n/a
Racer 4S 4 12 400 x 500 405 x 300 70 x 360
Racer 4W 4 12 495 x 500 405 x 395 70 x 360
Racer 4WL 4 12 495 x 700 405 x 395 70 x 360
Racer 6S 6 12 400 x 500 405 x 300 70 x 360
Racer 6SL 6 12 400 x 700 405 x 300 70 x 360
Racer 6W 6 12 495 x 700 405 x 395 70 x 360
Racer 8S 8 12 400 x 500 405 x 300 70 x 360

Product Gallery:  RACER Series – Commercial Embroidery Machines